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Request a call back to find out how PF Solutions can help you.Request a call back to find out how PF Solutions can help you.

PF Solutions System Advantages

The permanent formwork wall system provides a Modern Method of Construction (MMC) similar to a pre cast wall system, but with several distinct advantages.

Some of the main inherent advantages of the PFSolutions System, in comparison to pre cast and conventional forms of construction are:

Reduced construction programme – typical cycle-time per floor is 10 working days including first fix, mechanical and electrical.

Reduced labour requirements – structure can be erected with a minimal labour force and a lower capacity self-erector crane.

Off-site construction – approximately 60% of works completed off-site including reinforcement to walls.

Design and Build Service – reduced project management/coordination requirements.

Flexibility – all M&E services are site installed prior accommodating any late changes in layout.

Excellent thermal fire and acoustic ratings.

Health and Safety – panels are relatively light, making them easier and safer to install. A typical 6 meter long panel is equal to 1.2 tonnes.

Construction tolerances – excellent tolerances achieved due to factory production and ease of installation.

‘Just-in-time’ deliveries – minimal requirements for site equipment ensures a clean and uncluttered site in conjunction with a zero-waste policy.

Minimal wet-trades – the panel finish is such that minimal wall or slab-soffit preparation, other than cleaning, is required before the panels can be painted. Localised taping and jointing is required at joint locations.

Typical PFSolutions Wall Build-up

Typical PF Solutions Wall Build-up