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Request a call back to find out how PF Solutions can help you.Request a call back to find out how PF Solutions can help you.
What We Do

Design and build solid concrete structures.

Design entire structure from your frozen architect’s drawings.

Fabricate formwork panels in factory, including all openings.

Erect formwork panels on site.

Supply and cast all concrete for walls and slabs.

ESupply and fix all reinforcement for walls and slabs.

Tape and joint walls ready for decoration.

Introduction to the PFSolutions System Continued

Internal Finishes

The PFSolutions formwork structure forms the basic shell of the apartments in a typical residential building ready for fit out. Depending on the slab option agreed with our client, limited suspended ceilings may be required with the apartments. If the permanent formwork option is used for the suspended slabs then the slab joints will require taping and jointing prior to decoration. If a precast wide slab option is used the slab joints can have an altek spray applied in the bedroom areas and suspended ceiling installed in the remaining areas. All walls joints require taping and jointing prior to decoration. All of the above options require minimal wet trades and can be carried out relatively quickly after the stud partition walls have been completed. Only taping and jointing is required to all window and door reveals as these are also formed with the cement bonded particle board.

Temporary Works

During the construction of the structure minimal temporary works are required to the walling system and these can be removed immediately after the walls are cast. This usually equates to one wall prop for each 3m length of wall panel. Wall panels vary in length up to 6m long. The precast wide slabs require minimal propping, usually a line of props along the end of the spans and a line of props in mid span. The mid span props will remain in place for back propping up to two levels. For the full in situ PFSolutions slab option the propping is required at 1.4m centres and back propping of two levels is required where 50% of the props are left in position. PFSolutions supply, design, install and remove all of the temporary works associated with the structure.


Scaffolding is required to the perimeter of the building during construction. This is supplied and erected by themain contractor. In certain instances the structure can be constructed without scaffolding but this must be reviewed specific to each project.